Terms and conditions of use

I. General information

The following terms and conditions govern the authorised use, application and dissemination of content on the NCC-DE website. The NCC-DE generally welcomes the use of its content for non-commercial, legal purposes that serve the security of information technology. The use of the content is freely available for these purposes and in accordance with the following conditions - a separate licence agreement with the NCC-DE is not required in this context.

Any use of NCC-DE content may under no circumstances create the impression of co-operation with the NKCS and its participants or of a sovereign internet presence.

Internet pages and other media in which NCC-DE Internet content is used must not contain any criminal, violent or sexual content.

II. Downloads

Software and publications offered for free download may only be used for non-commercial purposes. Any further use, in particular commercial or journalistic use, requires the prior consent of the NCC-DE. For this purpose, please contact:

III. Citation

The reproduction of texts and graphics shown on NCC-DE pages as quotations is permitted without the consent of the NCC-DE, provided that the meaning and context are preserved and the authorship lies with the NCC-DE. Statements of the NCC-DE must be reproduced verbatim and in inverted commas. A reference to the source must be included in all cases.

IV. Links

The creation of links to NCC-DE Internet pages is generally permitted without the prior consent of NCC-DE, provided that the links are to Internet pages. No. II applies to links to download offers.

A text link or a separate link banner may be used to link to the NCC-DE website.

Framing of the NCC-DE pages is not permitted.

V. Mirroring the website

Any mirroring of NCC-DE web content requires the prior written consent of the NCC-DE.

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